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“Literacy is…the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential.” (Kofi Annan)

Curriculum Enrichment Day took place on the 10th February 2016

Curriculum Enrichment Day took place on the 10th February 2016 and was centred on literacy for the whole of Year 7. We invited a rap/hip hop artist named BREIS to Goffs to help students build their written and spoken literacy skills through the medium of rap and/or spoken word. The day was designed so that students worked collaboratively or independently in some cases, on producing and performing a rap or piece of spoken word on a topic that they were passionate about. We had groups expressing their thoughts on everything from bereavement and racism, to Nandos and fried chicken! Throughout the day BREIS took the students through the history of rap and hip hop, encouraged students to use their English skills and worked with them during their writing process and performances. Finalist groups from forms 7E to 7Y were chosen by their peers and the overall winning group/solo artist from each form was chosen by BREIS and I, as acting judges. Winning students received certificates and gift cards as prizes before being able to participate in photo opportunities and book signings with BREIS. Overall, the day was a huge success and the development of the students' literacy skills in such a fun and engaging environment was a real pleasure to witness.

Sophie Everist

Whole-school literacy co-ordinator/ English Teacher

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