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Welcome to the Learning Resource Centre! On these pages you'll find plenty of information about what goes on in the LRC, from how we can help students improve literacy skills, enjoy reading for fun, hints and tips on how to research effectively (both on the web and in the library), how to cite your references and ensuring that you do not plagiarise when writing your coursework.

First thing’s first, you need to know some of the basic information on the LRC…

Where is it located?  

In the B block opposite the 6th form common room.

When is it open?  

Monday 8.25 - 16.30

Tuesday - Thursday 8.15 – 16.30

Friday 8.15 – 16.00                                                          

When can I come in and use it?

You can come in before school from 8.15, every break, lunch times if there isn’t a club on and after school most days except when there are twilight French classes on Mondays and Thursdays.

The 2 week timetable below gives you information about when it is free during the day.



Who works in the LRC?

Miss Grant She's the Librarian in charge! Her email is

We also have some 6th form students who help out on the counter at break and lunchtimes and process the stock.

Eleanor, Beth, Lucy and Katie Yr12s
Sam Year 10 Digital Leader



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To find out what's in the LRC for you take a look at the student's guide.

Our parent guide is available here.