The Geography Department:

  • Miss K Car & Miss J Fleeman- Head of Dept
  • Miss C Legg
  • Miss H Morris
  • Miss L Connolly


Geography trip to Iceland November 2015

Studying geography gives students an opportunity to learn about the natural processes that shape our planet, the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, as well as an opportunity to engage in a range of local, national and global issues.

There are four specialist geography teachers in the department. In geography lessons we encourage students to work and think independently and by ensuring our teaching is stimulating, varied and creative. In the department, we strongly believe that fieldwork is an essential component of the subject and students will have an opportunity to take part in a fieldwork activity in almost every year at Goffs.


Key Stage 3 Geography


Geography is taught as an independent subject at Key stage 3.  Students have three lessons per fortnight and are taught using an enquiry based approach. Students are able to take part in local microclimate fieldwork and explore how safe Cheshunt is from crime. There is a rigorous assessment policy in place which tests pupils every half term and progress is tracked from year 7 to 8. After every assessment students are required to complete their own progress tracker and act on the feedback they are given from their teacher.

For more information click on the year 7 and year 8 links above.


GCSE Geography

Year 10 and 11 students studying GCSE Geography follow the AQA-A SPECIFICATION. We study six topics in total, three for the human paper and three for the physical paper. The physical geography topics students study are:
- Weather and Climate
- The Coastal Zone
- Restless Earth
The Human Geography topics are:
- Population change
- The development gap
- Tourism

Fieldwork is undertaken each year in order to support controlled assessment. This counts towards 25% of students final grade. For more information and useful website click on the GCSE link above.

Year 9 students (starting in 2015) are studying GCSE Geography follow the AQA SPECIFICATION. This is currently a draft specification and we are awaiting the accreditation. We study six topics in total, three for Living with the Physical Environment, and three for Challenges in the Human Environment.

The Living with the Physical Environment are:

  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK
  • Living World

The Challenges in the Human Environment are:

  • Urban Issues and Challenges
  • Changing Economic World
  • Resource Management

A Level Geography


 A-Level students study a variety of physical and contemporary human geography topics. In year 12 students get the opportunity to take part in a three day residential fieldtrip to develop their geographical skills and consolidate their knowledge of core topics. We currently follow the AQA A-level specification.


For more information click on the A-Level link above


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