The English Department:


  • Mrs S Enstone
  • Mrs E Petrou
  • Mrs W Wilson
  • Mrs L Collins
  • Miss S Everist
  • Miss A Marshall
  • Miss N Stewart
  • Ms M Vanezis
  • Ms L Huseyin
  • Ms S Henderson
  • Mrs B Ali
  • Mr T Scovell
  • Ms O Keskinel


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English at Goffs

The study of English, both the written word and the spoken word, is integral to our work in the English Department at Goffs School. We aim to achieve proficiency through a range of activities. The Department teaches the skills required to analyse all forms of literature, encouraging the students to pay close attention to the words and phrases used by writers, conducting word-level analysis. 

The following pages will give you precise details as to what we cover at each Key Stage, as well as provide you with links to documents that have been created to include details as to how you can support your child's learning, in English.



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On Friday 12th February, Year 9 students had the opportunity to participate in a Macbeth workshop during their English lessons. read more  
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