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Staff Contact Details

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A. Garner Executive Principal - Please contact PA
Mr I. Denchfield Vice Principal
Mr T. Sparks Vice Principal
Mr B. Pearce Vice Principal
Mr M. Ellis Vice Principal
Mrs C. Legg Assistant Principal
Mr P. Ellard Assistant Principal
Mrs S. Enstone Associate Assistant Principal

Directors of Learning

Miss K. McBride Year 7
Ms A. Crabb Year 8
Mr M. Holding Year 9
Mrs K. Lawrence Year 10
Mr R. King Year 11
Mrs M. Padgham Year 12
Mrs W. Wilson Year 13


Mrs E Petrou Head of English
Mrs S. Enstone English / SLT
Mrs W. Wilson English
Mrs L. Collins English / Responsibility for KS5 English
Miss S. Everist English / Head Of Whole School Literacy
Miss A. Marshall English / Responsibility for KS3 English
Miss N. Stewart English
Ms M. Vanezis English
Mr T. Scovell English
Ms L. Huseyin English / Director Of House System
Mrs B. Ali English / Lead Practioner
Ms S Henderson English
Ms O. Ozturk English

Media Studies

Ms H. Roberts Head of Media Studies
Ms K. Dawson Media Studies / HOD Health & Social Care and Childcare / KS4 BTec Co-ordinator


Mr J. Vyras Head Of Maths
Mr T. Sparks Mathematics / SLT
Mr B. Pearce Mathematics / SLT
Mrs A. Collier 2nd i/c Strategic Responsibility for KS5
Mrs R. Ademuwagun Mathematics
Mr R. Cooper Mathematics
Mr C. Melvin Mathematics / Responsibility for KS3 Maths
Miss N. Jobson Mitchual Mathematics
Mr D. Lynton Mathematics
Mr D. Haynes Mathematics
Mrs L. Edwards Mathematics / Whole School Numeracy
Mr H. Donnelly Mathematics
Miss A. Lee Mathematics


Mr T. Albone Science - Head of Science
Ms I. Rodman Science / Biology / Lead Practitioner / Teaching & Learning
Mr P. Ellard Science / Lead Practitioner
Mr D. Wemyss-Cook Science / 2nd in Science
Mr A. Hopwood Science / 2nd in Science
Mrs L. Sparks Science / Biology / Lead Practitioner Behaviour For Learning / Leadership Academy
Miss M. Kempthorne Science / Director of KS3 Science
Mr D. Elam Science / Chemistry
Mr R. Ramkhelawon Science / Biology / Chemistry / PGCE Co-Ord
Ms S Alexander Science / Physics
Mr J. Collingwood Science


Mr N. Appleyard History - Lead Practitioner – Leadership and Performance Coach
Mrs S. Shergill History
Miss C. Poag History / Head of Department / D of E Co-ordinator
Mr D. Emmott History / Director of EBacc



Miss C. Legg Geography / SLT
Miss K. Car Geography - Joint Head of Dept
Miss H. Morris Geography
Miss J. Fleeman Geography - Joint Head of Dept / Duke of Edinburgh
Miss L. Connolly Geography

Philosophy & Ethics / Sociology

Mr T. Cahill RS / Head of Department / Sociology
Mr D. Chichester-Miles RS / Responsibility for KS4 Progress
Mr E. Bora RS / Sociology


Miss T. Brown Head of Department - Art / Photography
Miss E. Bishop Art / Photography


Ms C. Holland Drama / Head of Dept
Ms E. Myers Drama
Ms K. McBride Drama


Mr N. Taken Head of dept - Music

Physical Education

Mr R..Ashdown Head of Department - PE
Mrs E. Allum PE
Mr K. White PE / i/c Psychology
Mr R. King PE
Miss C. Ball PE
Miss E. Fleet PE
Mr B. Spaul PE
Miss L. Hague PE


Miss L J. Abazi Technology / Head of Textiles
Mrs M. Fusco Technology / Head of Product Design
Miss H. Crighton Technology / Head of Food Technology


Miss P. Calderaro ICT / Head of department
Miss A. Nicola ICT / Whole School KS5 BTEC Lead
Mrs H. Nessa ICT / 2nd in department
Mr Y Yadargi ICT / Leader of Digital Learning

Business Studies / Economics

Ms A. Camacho Head of Business Studies
Mr Y. Bannerman Business Studies
Mr F. Chowdhury Business Studies Lead Practitioner / Economics

Childcare, Health Social Care and Law

Miss O. Garner Heath & Social Care & Child Care


Miss N. Andreou Spanish / French - Head of Department
Miss O. Iasisen Spanish - Head of Department
Miss A. Crabb French / German
Mrs M. Fetta Italian - Head of Department
Mr M. Holding Spanish
Miss S. Ben Chaabane French

Learning Support

Mrs S. Pressney SENCo

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S. Robertson Cover & Recruitment Manager
Mrs K. Lynch Cover Supervisor
Mrs Y. Freer Cover Supervisor
Mrs T. Walters Cover Supervisor
Miss A. Suarez Cover Supervisor


Mrs R.Grant Learning Resources Manager

Student Support

Mrs M. Thornton Student Support Officer/Careers
Mrs N. Walters Student Support Officer/Admissions
Mr A. Rahman Youth Worker
Miss C. Charles Youth Worker / Yr 7 Director of Learning
Mrs F. Grote Attendance & Parent Support Officer


Mrs K. Cook Principal's PA
Mrs T. Backman HR Manager
Miss L. Thorogood Examination & Assessment Manager
Mrs L. Hardwick 6th Form Administrator
Mrs G. Hayes Curriculum and Achievement Officer
Mr S. Stow Business and Education Analyst

Reception & Repographics

Mrs C. Doherty Administration Officer – Reception
Mrs S. Shearsby Administration Officer – Reception
Mrs N. Wood Administration and Media Officer – Reception
Mrs T. Tong Reprographics Technician

IT Support

Mr S. Floyd System & Network Manager

Finance / Wisepay Enquiries

Mr M. Collins Finance Manager
Mrs J. Whitehead Finance Assistant