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School Direct

What is School Direct?

School Direct is an initial teacher training programme based in schools as opposed to university. Although trainees do spend time with our higher education partner, the University of Hertfordshire, most of the training is in school. The idea of School Direct is to give trainee teachers more ‘hands-on’ teaching experience than traditional university based routes into teaching. There are two School Direct programmes offered by the East Herts partnership: these are the salaried and fee paying routes.


School Direct (Salaried)

The School Direct (salaried) means you will be employed by the school and receive a salary while you train. It is primarily aimed at career changes.

Course requirements

  • Three or more years’ relevant career experience
  • An honours degree (2.2 or above)
  • GCSE English and maths at Grade C or above
  • A GCSE science at Grade C or above if you want to be a primary school teacher
  • A degree in your specialist subject if you want to be a secondary school teacher


As a salaried trainee you will:

  • Receive a salary as an unqualified teacher while you train
  • Work alongside experienced and expert practitioners
  • Get a real feel for the profession by being immediately immersed in school life
  • Receive qualified teacher status (QTS) at the end of the course

School Direct (Fee Paying)

In the School Direct (fee paying) route you will need to pay tuition fees, which are around £6,000 but vary from subject to subject. UK and EU students are eligible for a student loan to cover 100% of the fees. However, although you will have to pay fees, you will receive expert tuition on learning and teaching from the University of Hertfordshire and will gain invaluable experience from your colleagues at school. At the end of the programme, you will receive a post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) as well as QTS.

Course requirements

  • An honours degree (2.2 or above, but all degrees will be considered)
  • GCSE English and maths at Grade C or above
  • GCSE science at Grade C or above


As a fee paying trainee you will:

  • You will work alongside expert and experienced practitioners
  • Gain QTS and a PGCE at the end of the course
  • Get a real feel for the profession by being immediately immersed in school life
  • Could get your fees covered by a student loan
  • Could be eligible for a bursary (limited to certain subjects)


Why Train With Us?

Our schools are fantastic places to train, work and learn. They provide a unique school based learning opportunity in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, which is our higher education partner. Our partnership’s vision is simple but powerful we prepare our teachers and students to be respectful of others, to be confident in all that they do and to achieve their full potential.
Also, all partnership schools endeavour to create an environment in which staff, pupils and trainee teachers alike feel valued and supported. We have all worked with trainee teachers for many years and we fully recognise how much vibrancy, enthusiasm and drive they can offer our respective school communities.
Importantly, the partnership sees its staff as its most valuable resource and its schools have a proven track record in training and professional development. Our teachers are excellent practitioners with exemplary behaviour management skills and are eager to share their skills, knowledge and practice with the next generation of teachers.

Partnership Schools

The partnership are all  located in East Hertfordshire.  Namely, Goffs School, Cheshunt School, Haileybury – Turnford, John Warner School, Robert Barclay School and Goffs Oak Primary.

Where to Find Our Schools

All schools in the partnership are strategically positioned a few miles from Junction 25 of the M25 and are all close to the A1. The nearest mainline railway stations are in Cheshunt and Broxbourne. Goffs Oak Primary is quite close to Cuffley station. The University of Hertfordshire is in Hatfield, which is well served by rail from London Kings Cross and is on the A1. Full directions to the university and schools can be found on their websites.

Special Features

All schools in the partnership offer a variety of special features. Each school has its unique ethos and student vibe. One of the benefits of the partnership is the ability to work in Hertfordshire, but have excellent access to London.

Student Facilities

All schools have a variety of extra-curricular activities that enrich student life. The pastoral care at each school is excellent and each school offers child protection training and advice on safeguarding.

Study Facilities

All schools have their own unique study facilities and you will be given a full tour of the school on interview to view these facilities.  Goffs School is a completely brand new building.


East Herts Schools Direct Partnership does not provide any accommodation for trainee teachers. However, the area the schools are situated in have plenty of opportunities for those seeking to rent accommodation. The schools also have good rail and road links with London.

Child Care Facilities

The University of Hertfordshire has child care facilities which can be used by School Direct trainees when they are studying on the university site as part of their programme. However, partnership schools cannot provide trainees with child care facilities and this will have to be organised by the trainee and at their own expense.

Disability Access

The University of Hertfordshire has full disabled access. It would, however, be useful if applicants who would benefit from disabled access should let the training schools know on their application so that schools can ensure that they can access the school and can fully participate in the interview process.


Vacancies/Training Places for 2017

These vacancies/training places all start in September 2017. You will need to apply via UCAS in addition to letting the partnership know. Please see ‘How To Apply’ if you wish to be considered for these positions (click here).

  • Art & Design – (PGCE)
  • Biology – (PGCE)
  • Biology – (Salaried)
  • Business Studies – (PCGE)
  • Chemistry – (PCGE)
  • Chemistry – (Salaried)
  • Computing – (PGCE)
  • Design & Technology – (Salaried)
  • Drama – (PGCE)
  • English – (PGCE)
  • English – (Salaried)
  • Geography – (PGCE)
  • Geography – (Salaried)
  • History – (PGCE)
  • History – (Salaried)
  • Mathematics – (PGCE)
  • Mathematics – (Salaried)
  • Modern Languages – (PGCE)
  • Modern Languages – (Salaried)
  • Music – (PGCE)
  • Music – (Salaried)
  • Physical Education – (PGCE)
  • Physics – (PGCE)
  • Physics – (Salaried)



Goffs School

The East Herts School Direct Partnership is run by Goffs School on behalf of all schools in the partnership. Goffs deals with the administration of the partnership, including recruitment, selection of candidates and maintenance of the partnership’s UCAS portal. Goffs can advise on your eligibility for teacher training, the courses on offer and the locations of those courses. You are also welcome to contact partner schools directly (please see below).  Contact details for Goffs are:

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Sophie Enstone
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01992 424200
  • Address: Goffs School, Goffs Lane, Cheshunt, Herts., EN7 5QW
  • Website:

Goffs Oak Primary

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Julie Billingham
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01707 888488
  • Address: Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire EN7 5NS
  • Website:

Cheshunt School

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Sarah Mann
  • Email:
  • Phone:  01992 624375
  • Address: College Road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN8 9LY
  • Website:

Robert Barclay Academy

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Tom Johnston
  • Email: tom.johnston@
  • Phone:  01992 410800
  • Address: Cock Lane, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 8JY
  • Website:

The John Warner School

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Paul Clarke
  • Email:
  • Phone:  01992 462889
  • Address: Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0QF
  • Website:

Haileybury Turnford

  • School Direct co-ordinator: Kate Ward
  • Email:
  • Phone:   01992 308333
  • Address: Mill Lane, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 0JU  


Useful Information:


Hertfordshire Regional Partnership/University of Hertfordshire


Key Documentation

Applicants Pre-application Task Form

Applicants Observation Form


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