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Year 7 Catch-up Funding

KS3 Catch-Up Funding Summary – September 2016

In the Year 7 cohort (2015-16) 20 students were eligible for Numeracy catch-up funding, and 24 were eligible for Literacy catch up funding. For the academic year 2015-16 Goffs has been allocated £16,500 to support the progress of students eligible for catch-up funding.

Support Strategies

  • Year 7 students are grouped according to ability in English and in Maths. We invest in additional staffing in core areas, and the curriculum is deliberately arranged to ensure that lower ability students are taught in smaller classes, ensuring more individual support. Teaching Assistants are also allocated to provide additional support to these groups
  • Parents were invited into school for an additional information evening, focusing on how to support their son/daughter at home and to explain the additional support which is being put in place by the school
  • For numeracy, all students eligible for catch-up funding took part in an intensive 5 day numeracy booster programme, led by subject specialists from PET Xi
  • For literacy, all students eligible for catch-up funding took part in small group (maximum of three students to one adult) additional reading sessions before school, led by the Director of Learning for Year 7 and the SENCO
  • ‘Literacy Development’ periods, led by the SENCO are built into students’ timetables
  • The school has invested in ‘Accelerated Reader’ to encourage students to engage in reading books which are at an appropriate level related to their ability


  • Students who took part in small group additional reading sessions made excellent progress in English. On average, these students improved their English level by 4.3 sub-levels from their KS2 level to their end of Year 7 level. This compares to an average of 3.0 sub-levels of progress for the whole Y7 cohort, demonstrating the accelerated progression brought about by the additional support measures. The improved confidence in literacy is improving students’ confidence and their ability to access other subjects across the curriculum
  • Students who took part in the numeracy booster programme all demonstrated an improvement during the programme. On average, students improved by 1.6 sub-levels over the course of the programme and more than doubled their performance in a mental numeracy assessment. Ongoing support is needed to ensure that students develop the confidence to apply their numeracy skills in Maths and other subjects