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Exams Results


A full summary of results can be found at the Department for Education Performance Tables website here



Key Stage 4

Goffs students are once again celebrating impressive GCSE results. As in 2015, almost one quarter of grades were at the top end of A*/A. Performance in "GCSE only" outcomes continues to be exceptionally strong, and all students achieved at least 5 or more GCSEs.

The school target sets significantly above government baseline targets, aiming for each subject to achieve in the top 10% of all schools nationally. Within this highly aspirant environment, several subjects have gone above this with their results. Within many successes across the board, highlights include 100% of Triple Science students achieving A*-C, with phenomenally strong performances from subjects including Italian, Spanish, Business, Drama, PE/Sport and RS. In RS almost three quarters of the entry achieved A*/A grades – a fantastic achievement.

The school anticipates that when the DfE publishes its final analysis of outcomes in this year's new performance indicators, the school will again be identified as performing extremely strongly.
Many of our students celebrated fantastic GCSE results this year. All of our students put in a phenomenal amount of work and should be credited for their effort and outcomes. Salvatore Turone exceeded his target grades in all of his 11 GCSE subjects and is delighted that his hard work ensured that he is able to start an Apprenticeship in Joinery from September 2016. Likewise, Freddie Polykarpou, who exceeded her target grade in all of her GCSE subjects will go on to study in our Sixth Form with History, Theatre Studies, English and RS.

Many of our students produced As and A*s across a multiple of subjects including Aleefa Haque, Abby Clapson, Gabriella Ricotta, Tegan Wollaston and Megan Sheridan, all of whom are staying in our Sixth Form to complete a range of subjects from Science to Spanish.

Adele Doocey celebrated passing her GCSE Maths, saying, "I had a nightmare that I wouldn't pass but I did and I am so happy".
As the results were collected, scores of students confirmed their destinations for next year with the majority staying at our Sixth Form and others going to Hertford Regional College or Capel Manor.

  • 70% of students achieved A*-C grades in English and maths (national average 59.3%)
  • English A*-C: 76%
  • Mathematics A*-C: 75%
  • Percentage of students achieving the EBacc qualification (English, mathematics, 2 Science GCSEs, 1 Humanity and 1 Language): 45% (national average: 24%) Pass rate for EBacc Science: 79% (national average: 69%)
  • Attainment 8: 52.7 (national average 48.5)
  • Progress 8: -0.09



Key Stage 5

Celebrating A Level Results for Goffs School
Continuing the trend of recent years, students at Goffs have posted another excellent set of A Level exam results. Once again, outcomes tracked up from last year's excellent results in key areas including grades at A*/A, A*- B, A* - C, and the average grade achieved by each student. The overall pass rate was 99%. Around three quarters of the year group will now progress to university/further education to study courses including Banking Finance & Management, Diagnostic Radiography, Law, Economics, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences. Other students will progress directly into employment and apprenticeships.

Out of many fantastic performances, students with particularly high achievements include: Katie Avril; Thomas Bradley; Becky Humphry; Josh Burns; Lucy Cornish; Olivia Jones; Kiera Noonan; Robert Ottolangui; Abigail Routley; Lauren Tenwick and Marc Young.

Alison Garner, Principal, commented that,
"As always, the dedication and commitment of both our staff and students to delivering high achievement is to their credit, and are once again reflected in a very strong set of results at A Level. This year group more than deserved all of their success; they were a truly super set of young adults – caring, compassionate, always humorous, and determined. As they move on to the next stage of their lives for university study or employment, we wish them every possible success and happiness, and look forward to hearing more of their ongoing success."

  • A Level Progress: +0.01
  • A Level average grade: C
  • Applied General Progress: +0.46
  • Applied General average grade: Dist+ Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study: 94% (national average 88%) Percentage of students completing their main study programme (A Level): 99% Percentage of students completing their main study programme (Applied General): 93.5% English GCSE Retake Progress: 0.00 Mathematics GCSE Retake Progress: SUPP