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Welcome to Falcon

To be put simply, we are the best house (well, we have a superhero named after us sowe are definitively the best), and if you are lucky enough to be in our house then you will be fortunate enough to experience victory. Here at falcon, we are a team, a community and we have a space for anyone and everyone, because you all have a talent. This year, we most notably won the House capture the flag due to amazing strategy acted out exactly as planned by our amazing year 7s.

We are also a very generous and giving House, seeing as we came second, during the food bank collection. However, we need to up our game to gain first place. Success is achieved through perseverance and fighting until the end, which is what our house is very good at, which is why I believe that we can still win this year!


Falcon House Team

House Captain- Daniel Harris Year 10

Vice House Captain- Charlotte Mundy Year 13

Charity House Captain- Hale Temizturk Year 13

Games Captain- Rhys Daniels Year 10

Our achievements so far..

Jeans for Genes day fundraiser- Falcon House has raised a whopping £307.71 for Genes for Jeans day. This is, however, £100 less than Hawk House, so let's try and bring even more money in next time to top the leader boards!

Harvest Festival Collection- Respectfully, we took second place when collecting for the Broxbourne food bank with 44 items of food weighing in at 12.75 KG! This earned us even more house points in our comeback to retrieve 1st place!
House Capture the Flag- This, as mentioned earlier, was a year 7 competition, where, we not only had the most participants, but we also came first! This was an amazing success for us at Falcon and also the House team. We would like say congratulations to all Falcon year 7s that came and won us our first victory of the year!


Unfortunately, we fell straight to the bottom at the start of the year, and this was a wakeup call because we were not earning enough House points, and since then, we won the House capture the flag, have worked harder to earn the house points and have come second in  the food bank donation. However, 47,393 is an amazing figure, but we need to be earning more house points to prove we are the best House!

This is what Falcon House has been busy doing over the past half term!

  • Capture the Flag competition 
  • Lounge wear day for Children in Need/Haven House Friday 20th November
  • Raffle for Haven House
  • Cake Sale for Children in Need/Haven House Thursday 19th November and Friday 20th November
  • Christmas Party for the elderly- click the link to view the newspaper article
  • Great British Bake Goffs- judged by our visitors at the Christmas Party
  • Christmas Jumper day for Text Santa

As of the 29th January 2016 Falcon House were still stuck in 4th place. This means we need more donations towards our charities, more participants and even more victories. All students should be extremely proud of themselves if they have been participating and congratulations to all those earning Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze house awards.

This is how Falcon House have been gaining house points for their house!

  • Winning house points in the public speaking competition
  • Attending the careers fair to help them gain information on a wide range of careers
  • Got involved in Goffs Got Talent winning even more house points
  • Singing up to the much anticipated gaming competition and once again bringing in hundreds of points for their house
  • Raising money for their house charity Teens Unite in a Valentines Tuck Shop
  • Launch of the new RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) cards
  • Getting involved in our House Mascot competition. Here I would like to do a massive shout out to form 7I and thank them for their fantastic entries with everyone in 7I handing in their idea for the house mascot, which will be decided upon soon.

Coming your way soon..

  1. The results from the House Mascot Competition
  2. The Big Fat Quiz of the Year
  3. Students Vs Staff Netball competition
  4. New Charity total stand
  5. Up to date House Point Totals.. Watch this space!!!

House Charity-

This year the students of Falcon House have voted and nominated Teens Unite as our chosen house charity for 2015-2016. Teens unite is a charity that supports teens with cancer specifically because of stresses caused by missing school/university to undergo treatment. This is the only charity in the UK that provides support for teens during this terrible time. It a local charity with respite homes round the corner in Broxbourne. Teens can come with their families to stay when they are in need of a break.

If you would like to find out more about our House Charity please visit or watch their video at


Members of the House team worked alongside the Sixth Form Top Team at their Christmas Party for the elderly. This was an amazing night for us and for them, as it was last year and as I know it will be next year with the help of Falcon house!