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Goffs School has successfully secured a long term partnership with Ayensudu Zion School in Ghana.  The partnership began just under a year ago when Partner Ghana paired the two schools up.


Ayensudu Zion were made aware about the partnership programme at the KEEA district headteacher’s conference in May 2012 and applied for the programme. The two schools were matched due to shared interest in personal development of students through a partnership. Since the start of term Sept 2012, teachers at both schools have made e-mail contact and pupils have begun to swap letters through a pen pal scheme.


Ayensudu Zion is a semi-urban school in Ayensudu in the Central Region of Ghana. It serves 600 students from the surrounding area. The local area is a farming area, known for its watermelons and other fruit produce. The school has good academic results and is keen to improve English literacy.


Recently, in the May half term, Jodie Long, Associate Vice Principal and Paul Anstey, Chair of Governors, visited Ayensudu School in Ghana and spent a week there.  During this week, they spent time observing lessons and teaching.  They had a number of staff meetings and planned out projects and signed the official partnership agreement for an ongoing long term relationship.


Paul Anstey, Chair of Governors, is thrilled with the new partnership:

“Our partnership with Ayensudu Zion in Ghana brings so many exciting opportunities for the students at Goffs School.  The students are already fundraising for a student visit next July and it is fantastic to see them so enthused about the relationship with Ghana”.


Goffs School are planning to organise for two of the teachers from Ayensudu to visit Cheshunt next term and look forward to showing them the hospitality that they received.


Jodie Long, Associate Vice Principal, set up the partnership and is delighted with the progress made so far.

“Our visit to Ghana has really established our relationship with Ayensudu Zion School.  Whilst there, I was able to teach some of the lessons and to offer support and guidance to the staff on their learning and teaching techniques.  The staff, students and local community were fantastic and are fully supportive of the partnership.  We look forward to taking our students out there next year and for them to learn from the experience.”


Goffs School plan to take a small number of students to Ayensudu School next July and are currently fundraising for this event. If you’d like to make a donation towards the fundraising, please use the link below.

For more information, please contact Jodie Long, Vice Principal on or on 01992 424200



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